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VIA|Store is a feature rich POS platform that provides an advanced set of functions for the general retail environment. VIA|store is installed in thousands of store locations throughout the US and Canada.

Our advanced store system plaform, VIA|store will meet your current needs as well as unknown future requirements. We have worked hard to develop a highly integrated system that will seamlessly adapt to current operations, be felxible enough for future needs, be able to scale quickly and easily, and be intuitive enough to reduce training and familiarization. Some key features of our platform include:

  • Windows based for flawless integration with new or existing hardware
  • mPOS configuration to meet customers wherever they are
  • Self-Service configuration to expand checkout options
  • Advanced UI for quick familiarization
  • And much more...

VIA|store will also instantly, constantly, and securely capture and share data with our cloud-based enterprise management and reporting system. This allows your leaders to make key decisions in real time by having the right data at the right time.

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