VIA|central office

An advanced solution for real-time in-store analytics and reporting

Making business decisions is strongly tied to the analysis of the data and reports in an organization. Although data experts can easily make sense of technical metrics, it is generally difficult for decision-makers. VIA|central office is a solution to help close the gap between decision-makers and data analysis.

VIA|central office is a cloud-based hub for all store operations, data, and insights. While it provides the organizations with real-time data and allows easy remote access, users can have personalized access to the data based on their roles and job function.

All the store operation’s data such as POS, loyalty, marketing, traffic, OMS, eCommerce, finance, and inventory feed their data into this system. VIA|central office collects and investigates business data and converts it into dashboards, charts, and visualization to make trends in results easier to spot.

This solution is a comprehensive tool that provides insights about customers, merchandise, store operation, and sales and is the single destination for users’ data information. This platform can run on organizations’ own servers or can be deployed in either a public or private cloud environment.