VIA|central office

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A cloud-based hub for all store operations, data, and insights. This solution is a comprehensive tool that provides insights from every corner of the retail space in order to help close the gap between data analysis and real-time decision making

VIA|central office captures data from multiple touchpoints around the physical and virtual store and consolidates transactional, behavioral, demographic, and psychographic data in one place. That data is then converted into readable and usable graphs, charts, maps, and much more, in order to make key, actionable decisions all in real time. Some more key points:

  • Provides the store organization with tools to do their job more efficiently
  • Becomes the hub for all store operations, data, and insights
  • Single destination for user's data and information
  • Provides insights into the organization's customers, merchandise, operations, sales, and more
  • Supplements exisitng tools vs replace them

In addition to existing platforms, VIA|central office is able to seamlessly integrate with new systems that meet future requirements. With third-party API's, your store data becomes that much richer. Some existing data platforms we integrate with include heat map and traffic data, walk-in, walk-by data, and customer sentiment platforms.

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