Two-Way Communication

Connect your frontline through WorkJam’s communication module that provides true two-way communication that empowers your frontline. Customize your comms channels to control who sees what content and allow your team to focus on what matters.

Streamline communication across your entire organization with WorkJam’s communication module. Connect your frontline in simple, yet effective ways that promotes collaboration, improves engagement, and creates true two-way communication.

Create target audiences using more than a half dozen segments so you can truly customize the frontline experience and ensure the right employees are seeing the right communications.

Your frontline employees will feel empowered by eliminating the communication gaps between HQ and the frontline that plague so many organizations and erode company culture. You can even bridge language barriers with inline translations to create a true cohesive work environment.

Plus, eliminate compensable time concerns and stay compliant with labor laws by ensuring content is accessed only on-premises or on-shift, while still allowing for urgent messages to always be read.