Tlantic Workforce Management

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Schedule review, planning and management to increase customer satisfaction, employee motivation and store productivity at the same time.
The right person, in the right place, at the right time.
Tlantic Workforce Management is the ideal solution for managing your human resources. With prediction algorithms and fault tolerance, it ensures a more efficient management of schedules, estimating work needs and providing greater flexibility and balance between the personal and professional lives of its employees.

Its advanced algorithms indicate the overview of each store, which allows decision-making based on real data and with a strategic vision. Whether managing 10 or 15,000 employees, the process is the same: automated, accurate, easy, fast and integrated across all stores.

The focus of the Tlantic Workforce Management solution is on optimizing the time of managers, in order to facilitate the management of schedules and shifts, as well as in-store attendance, employee vacation management and the creation of timetables based on business needs.

The results are visible! Promote your team's involvement and turn each employee into a high-performance agent.