Task Management

Ditch the clipboard and achieve operational excellence with WorkJam’s digitized task module. Managers can streamline workloads with a quick and easy way to assign and monitor tasks to the frontline – either by shift, teams, or to individuals.

WorkJam’s task module allows frontline organizations to ditch the clipboard and achieve operational excellence. No longer do you need to rely on paper and pencil checklists and instructions to communicate to your team what must be done, how, and when. You can connect tasks to files or video that provide clear completion guidelines and even require photo submission of proof of completion to drive compliance.  

Assign tasks by shift, teams, or individuals at an HQ or manager level and then monitor progress and updates in real-time. This allows you to get true visibility into your frontline and identify bottlenecks or areas of inefficiency.

Plus, workflows can be customized to reflect the nuances of your organization so that you can notify managers, assign coursework and follow-up tasks, grade completion, and gamify execution among managers and frontline workers to drive engagement.