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Stylumia's Store.Y delivers the right products & quantity through hyper-localized distribution planning using a proprietary consumer taste model.

Get Your Store Inventory Allocation Hyper-Localized

Distribution planning and inventory optimization using existing solutions aren't enough because they fall short in sensing consumer taste and demand trends at a local level. Using visual intelligence, Stylumia'a Store.Y optimizes inventory into hyper-localized assortments based on future demand, segmented at city/store level.

True Demand™ driven distribution planning predicts demand even for unseen new products and optimizes product allocation in one go. Intelligent inventory allocation and inventory optimization reduce unsold inventory. Demand mapping and assortment planning can be done dynamically. Replace sold-out styles with new ones through Store.Y's advanced inventory optimization feature, maximizing revenue and minimizing lost sales. With a proprietary visual intelligence algorithm, confidently make inventory allocation decisions at the city-store level.

Inventory optimization is 10X faster through Store.Y.