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Stylumia Store.Y is a Retail BI tool which helps not only in Inventory Allocation & Distribution Planning but also in Allocation, Distribution & Inventory Optimization of relevant products on the store level.

Distribution Localized

Stylumia Store.Y is a tool which delivers relevant products to stores in right quantity through distribution planning & distribution optimization using visual intelligence.

Every Store, Every City, Every Country has its own nuances of taste.

It’s not enough to buy the right product, the right quantities at the right time. Distribution planning is very important for the products to distribute to the right channels and stores. Existing solutions using attributes and segmentation for localization fall short in sensing fashion taste. It is time for giving up traditionally segmented assortments and move to hyper-localized assortments. Using Stylumia Store.Y (A Visual Intelligence Tool), our proprietary vision augmented fashion & lifestyle distribution optimization engine, our customers are able to make a hyper-localized assortment.


  • Localize Assortment For Every Channel/Store
  • Optimal First Allocation
  • Dynamic Intelligent Replacement