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Product detail: 

StealthMatrix ARC®  Retail Industry Disruptor and secret weapon for Brick&Mortar to compete with Amazon, an in-store 3PL solution.

Seeing is believing, we solve indoor inventory product location, 100% mobile.

Working with retail & government audits, tested, proven results delivering 100% mobile solution, finding products with exact coordinate location.

Indoor Retail Mapping

StealthMatrix’s indoor location algorithms and mobile h/w creates 3D/2D on-demand maps & floor plans, locates merchandise within 1’ with IoT sensors, augmented reality, conceptual environments, without expensive build-out.

Customer EcoSystem
Transforms an entire operation into a true omni-channel. Increased find, 55 Units Per Hour, impacting direct path, self-service, on-line or in store. 

Complete experience from e-commerce to store. Knowing exact location, you know where it is and can sell it.

GAMING TECH enables customer, sales & operations to use A/R, creating a direct path to merchandise and in-store or online shopping.

BI/AI sales, product movement to tasks, increases customer exp, while increasing productivity, 86%.

StealthMatrix one of a kind, no other product is offered.