SpeedSize AI Compression

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SpeedSize has the highest quality-to-file size ratio in the market. SpeedSize achieves higher quality at up to ~90% smaller files sizes for faster loading. Your customers will see your brand means quality, building trust in your online reputation.
Developed by doctors and scientists, SpeedSize™ is the only patented AI technology to eliminate all unseen psychovisual data, with no perceptible change to the original image or video.

Our algorithm was designed to simulate the brain’s perception of visual media using neuroscience. SpeedSize™️ AI-analyzes human visual limitations to understand what our mind actually processes when it looks at media. It then AI-optimizes according to those visual processes.

The AI-automation recognizes what each pixel represents; text, facial features, product, colors. Next, our platform decides which are the most important elements to the user, what shades and data are not visible to the human eye, and up to 100 other metrics. When all that information is gathered, our AI automatically configures the perfect size to quality ratio for every image and video. Then the AI-algorithm has sufficient data to move forward and rebuild an identical quality media file but up to 99% smaller in size.