SMART CART - E-Commerce

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The Smart Cart E-Commerce Nextop™ simplifies the product separation process, reducing steps and employees with assertiveness, reducing costs and operating time.
Contains 3 scales, battery life of 16 hours, 1 verification camera, barcode reading

Smart Cart Version

Smart Cart Nextop™ was developed to simplify the process, guaranteeing assertiveness, reducing costs and operating time.

With the smart trolley it is possible to reduce the traditional stages of
e-commerce for 1 process with only 1 employee.

The Cart guarantees the loyalty of the products selected by the customer and the prevention of losses.

With Smart Cart Nextop™ the process is simplified and assertive!

The e-Commerce process with Smart Cart has only 1 step:
The employee selects the products and inserts them into the smart cart, thus packing the purchases while separating the items.

Due to our high technology, when adding products to the smart cart, a triple check is carried out (bar code, product recognition and product weight), guaranteeing the loyalty of the product chosen by the customer.

When completing the shopping list, it is only necessary to transport the bags to the indicated place to pick up the goods.

The process from start to finish is carried out on the cart itself, a reduced process with high productivity and without errors.

With Smart Cart Nextop™, the process is simplified, ensuring assertiveness, reducing employees in the operation. Providing the customer with the best shopping experience without leaving home, with reduced delivery time, enabling direct competition with fast delivery players.

Smart Cart Nextop™, high technology to leverage your results!

✔ Allows the separation of 3 orders at once