SKXPro SmartSled

product image
The SKXPro is made exclusively for Samsung’s Galaxy XCover Pro and is a fully integrated case solution with an IP67-rating. It features a best-in-class scan engine and direct connection via OTG for fast data transfer and the ability for fast charging.

The sleek and compact SKXPro™ SmartSled® scanning solution is made specifically for Samsung  Galaxy XCover Pro. The SKXPro outperforms industrial PDAs through its professional scan engine with laser aimer combined with the high performance of the Galaxy XCover Pro device.

The slim design of the SKX Smartsled platform is based on the patented KOAMTAC modular system for SmartSled barcode, RFID, and mPOS sled scanners but has the additional feature of a fully integrated case where the barcode scanner is part of the case solution. This ensures your data will transfer seamlessly to the Galaxy XCover Pro via OTG. You can charge both the SKXPro companion batteries and Galaxy XCover Pro utilizing a KOAMTAC 1-slot or 5-slot Charging Cradle. Equipping the SKXPro with a Protective Boot will help to increase the Ingress Protection rating for maximum ruggedness.

SKX5 SmartSled also available for Samsung Galaxy XCover 5.