shopreme Scan & Go

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Generating the greatest value for retailers and shoppers. shopreme Scan & Go gives you full control over how it looks, feels, and works for your customers. shopreme is the invisible technology provider putting your brand front and center.

With shopreme Scan & Go, customers scan products conveniently on their smartphone and pay directly in the app. Retailers increase revenue through recommendations and real-time marketing content. shopreme Scan & Go offers an intuitive shopping experience with an optimized scanner that functions even in poor lighting, at any angle, and offline. Payments are seamless, empowering customers to pay with one tap. Scan & Go provides digital receipts, compliant with EU regulations, and offers a 'Pay at Till' feature via QR code. Age verification safeguards against underage purchases of restricted items. Users benefit from a shareable shopping list, personalized recommendations, detailed product info, and targeted retail media. Integration with CRMs provides a consistent omnichannel experience, while loyalty programs and vouchers can be easily managed. Retailers gain insights from analytics, ensuring promotions align with shopping patterns, all while upholding strict data protection standards.