Secure Card Reader Authenticators - tDynamo

tDynamo accepts magnetic stripe, EMV, and NFC transactions. Connecting via USB or Bluetooth LE, it is a perfect solution for Windows, Android, or iOS devices. The optional and mountable stand make it ideal for countertop and line-busting mobile payments.

tDynamo is ideal for reading magnetic stripe cards, contact and contactless EMV cards, and NFC mobile wallets. Perfect for retail point of sale applications, tDynamo and its optional charging stand allow you go from countertop-mounted to a handheld device quickly and without the use of tools. In the stand, tDynamo can be fastened with a security latch and the stand can be hard mounted to the counter. Out of the stand, tDynamo is ready for mobility. tDynamo offers both USB and Bluetooth LE interfaces. Connect the way that makes sense for your needs.

Couple tDynamo with Magensa for faster development, reduced PCI scope, enhanced customer experience, gift card and loyalty card processing, remote services, tokenization of card data for recurring payments, invoicing, and certified access to major processors through the Magensa Payment Protection Gateway (MPPG).