Samsung Clover Self Order Terminal Solution

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Complete Samsung Clover order terminal case study on the positive impact that customer ordering kiosks provide to a relatively small retail shop. Video

Samsung Clover Case Study Small Business Retail

Most of us like to think in terms of 14,000 kiosks at Mcdonald’s and relegate small businesses to the footnotes.  It’s a challenge aggregating literally tens of thousands of SMBs and dealing with an overall number literally 3X the number of Mcdonald’s.  The fact is this is a small bubble tea shop in Kansas City and they have been killing it with 100-200+ orders a day through their kiosks.  A great example of how kiosks can help a business save costs as well as how readily customers adopt the technology these days.  More orders and faster orders with fewer people. One of the main points the restaurant makes is shortening the decision process customers go thru when ordering (and not tying up employees to wait on them while they do).

These units serve a dual purpose. On the one hand they allow customers to enter their orders. Secondly they provide digital signage and digital messaging in-store. 

In Brief Summary

  • Goal – increase efficiency in small space
  • Fast turnaround for customers
  • High foot traffic and mobile orders to deal with
  • Employee focus on making orders and good customer service
  • Less time spent modifying orders
  • CommandPoint by Nano very useful
  • 50 to 60 drinks took 2 hours to setup
  • More thruput with fewer employees
  • Digital messaging and content functions as well
  • Originally not a Clover customer but became one thanks to integration of kiosk

More Info

Here is some background on this equation. It is basically three companies: Clover, Samsung and Nanonation. Nanonation has taken an interesting path with marketing on this as they acquired and launched the “” website in Sept 2022.