Retail Planning & Merchandising

Put your Merchandising Game Plan Into Play and Launch your Merchandise Lifecycles

Jesta’s retail planning solutions ensures that T-shirts of all sizes get customer love by providing buyers, inventory managers and merchandisers with a centralized, 360° real-time view of stock, sales performance, store capabilities and selling patterns, and shopper histories. Decision-makers can then build precise market segments, product ranges and price lines to tightly align your offerings — T-shirts and otherwise — with the locations, channels and customers that demand them. Sales increase, markdowns decrease, stock-to-sales ratios equalize.

In addition to exhaustive inventory planning, Jesta’s retail planning solutions provide end-to-end financial support. The integrated platform enables you to connect your OTB with your margin targets accounting for price, promotions and markdowns throughout the season, and allowing you to change course and explore other growth possibilities when desires shift.

Jesta’s merchandising solutions execute all of your strategic plans automatically for consistency, reliability and maximum efficiency, while also affording you the power to review and adjust algorithms when trends change and demands shift. Real-time visibility of your global inventory, sales, store capabilities and customer preferences further enhance the accuracy and speed of your merchandising processes from the warehouse to your omnichannel platforms.

What’s more, Jesta’s retail merchandising solutions will strengthen customer loyalty. After all, shoppers will always find the items they want, in the styles, colors and sizes that speak directly to them, at the store locations that they prefer, almost as if things were sent there especially for them — which, in many ways, they absolutely were.