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Promotional Demand Forecaster

Churchill’s Promotional Demand Forecaster™ (PDF) software predicts the impact of promotional activities on consumer demand accurately and quickly.
Product detail: 
Predicting the impact or “uplift” for any combination of wide ranging of promotional tactics— pricing, advertising, social media and/or in-store promotions—on consumer demand is critical to the success of every promotional event. Just as important is getting that information when and how you need it: from days, weeks, months, or on a “what if?” basis. Churchill’s Promotional Demand Forecaster™ (PDF) software predicts these impacts accurately and quickly. PDF, with its high performance capabilities, can generate millions of forecasts at the chain, region, market, advertising zone or store level based on any change in your promotional tactics. PDF is about profits. For the first time, retail organizations can predict and manage promotional events at very detailed levels. Exclusive Churchill technology, including our pre-trained neural networks and neural model auto-tuners, combine with your existing databases to provide causal-based forecasting models months ahead of our competition.