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Nextenture Discovery eLearning™

Cut millions in manual labor training costs. At Nextenture, we offer products and services that complete the Reflexis ecosystem.
Product detail: 

With Discovery eLearning, Nextenture helps organizations adjust to new software solutions, while also providing a secure and accessible environment to learn how to use the tools. We offer client-catered online training for a variety of labor management systems, with a focus on workforce management – all at lower training costs, a faster speed to value, and increased knowledge retention, leading to increased customer engagement for your store teams.

  • Lower training costs and speed to market.
  • Flexible and easy access for store managers and corporate, via desktop and mobile.
  • Customizable modules for each client, empowering corporate to decide content for training.
  • Smarter, simplified training from a company with years of Reflexis product expertise.