Multidomain MDM

Govern different data domains on a single platform to drive new insights, business agility and digital transformation.

Effective business processes execute and perform as expected when the data they rely upon meets defined data quality standards. It’s a robust and reliable master data management approach that enables this outcome.  However, business processes do not recognize data domain boundaries, they require master data from multiple domains to execute and perform their function efficiently. This means your MDM solution can model data from any data domain to provide a unified governance approach to ensure data is compatible and interoperable without friction.

Stibo Systems Multidomain MDM solutions connect, manage, govern, and share data from multiple internal and external sources to provide a foundation of high-quality enterprise data that is fit for purpose. The open platform’s extensive integration and data governance capabilities enable enterprises to connect data and establish a single source of truth. This mastered data can then be leveraged to improve customer experiences, accelerate digital transformation, and achieve compliance with regulatory, business, and industry demands.  

A single multidomain master data management solution also provides the ability for real time analytics and data discovery, providing business users and data science teams with new zones of insight within the intersections of domain data.  This empowers the business to make more informed decisions and be agile to react to new business opportunities.