Machyna Smart Shopping Cart

product image
Machyna, Inc. has developed a low-cost, low-power smart cart solution that provides frictionless self-checkout experience to consumers,
Unlike other self-checkout technologies that require massive infra-structure cap/ex for store setup and even more op/ex to run and maintain racks of computers in perpetuity, the Machyna Smart  Shopping Cart solution shrinks all the AI into the form factor of a full-sized shopping cart. The Machyna smart cart is equipped with anti-theft technology to ascertain the veracity of the products being put inside the cart. With scalability embedded in our design, our solution can recognize up to 1 million different products in a store. Even if a product's packaging might change from month to month, our solution never requires retraining. Produce sold by weight can also be purchased right inside the cart by simply entering the PLU code. In addition to autonomous checkout, the Machyna Smart Shopping Cart also provides real-time data services to unlock the massive cross-sell market for retailers while customers are actively shopping at their stores.