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Logility Voyager Merchandise Planning

Creates optimal merchandise financial plans based on past performance and projected future goals by location and across chains
Product detail: 

Improving your retail merchandising financial planning processes provides a superior omni-channel customer experience, and can increase profits and strengthen brands. Logility Voyager Merchandise Planning™ helps put products in front of customers more effectively and profitably by optimizing and automating merchandise and assortment planning at the chain, channel, forecasted and store levels. It converts high-level financial goals into chain and store-level plans for both financial and unit profiles to maximize sales potential while minimizing markdowns and out-of-stocks.

Voyager Merchandise Planning lets you:

  • Balance plans at all levels, from company goals to SKU, from chain to channel to store door, from year to season, month, and week

  • Gain new insight into Class-level and SKU-level investments to achieve financial plans

  • Work from a powerful standard set of planning attributes, and define your own variables, calculations and rules

  • Update store financial and unit sales and stock plans

  • Combine with Voyager Assortment Planning to optimize merchandise collections

  • Automate tedious tasks with proven workflows to quickly achieve reliable results and increased confidence