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A compact smart safe that sits at the point of sale.

LiveSafe is a compact smart safe that sits at the point of sale. 

It will validate, secure and count any bills inserted into the reader in just a single second. Approved by central banks in a variety of countries, the note reader analyses over 4.8million data points so you can be secure in knowing that no fraudulent notes will be accepted. 

Securing the cash immediately also removes any risk of internal theft as once the cash is secured inside the safe, it requires no further interaction until banking. The user keys also create an audit trail so that anybody who puts money into, and removes money from a safe, will be logged making investigations quick and easy. Furthermore the robust metal casing and durable mounting hardware minimises the risk of external theft as well.

Combine all of the security features, with the operational efficiencies derived from closing the loop in the cash cycle instore, makes LiveSafe a valuable proposition for any retailer.