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Never count your cash again!

Eliminate manual cash counting tasks by using a self-counting intelligent cash drawer!

Tellermate's LiveDrawer is designed to fit into existing furniture to replace traditonal cash drawer, and improves efficiency while eliminating shrink. It does this by automatically counting the cash in the drawer, in real-time, and reconciles after every transaction. This means that there's no need to cash up for shift changes, closing, etc... This typically saves 90 minutes per store, per day.

The solution reduces cash loss at the point of sale by 98% just by virtue of it being a deterrant, but due to the real-time data feed, you can pin-point cashier errors or theft in seconds. Exception-based reporting and customised dashboards through our LiveDrawer Manager software, enable you to monitor those at a region, store and even cashier level. Furthermore the software gives you a real-time view of the cash moving through your stores, enabling finance teams to have a minute by minute view of cashflow. The denomination breakdown also allows optimisation of CIT processes too!

If you would like to investigate next generation cash solutions, come and explore LiveDrawer.