Kaidu Occupancy Scanner

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Kaidu's wireless occupancy scanner helps businesses track and analyze visitor traffic for strategic layout and product placement decisions. It gauges visitor movements, busy times, and popular days, aiding in effective planning.

Kaidu's Occupancy Scanner offers cutting-edge technology for businesses to monitor visitor and passerby traffic. This wireless solution captures real-time data, empowering brands to optimize layouts, staff allocation, and merchandising strategies. Designed for easy installation, the scanners provide accurate insights into visitor behavior, footfall patterns, and engagement trends. They enable precise ROI measurement and enhance visitor satisfaction.

Key features include tracking both visitors and passersby, ideal for retail and open floor environments. Our technology overcomes traditional counting challenges, delivering granular, automated data without privacy concerns. It helps businesses understand passerby dynamics, like volume and speed, and assess the impact of external branding and displays. The system alerts for traffic fluctuations, facilitating prompt promotional adjustments.

Kaidu's scanners are a game-changer for any physical business space, ensuring data-driven decisions, maximizing market potential, and converting passersby into customers, all while respecting privacy and data regulations.