InforTab Infinite

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InforTab Infinite has all the features of an advanced ESL line, including waterproof/dustproof capabilities and can be used with solutions such as real-time update, asset management, and inventory management.

A fully integrated solution not only for retail but for all businesses. 

InforTab Infinite, fully integrated business management solution, is about transferring offline experience to online and vice-versa. Shopping journeys will be more comfortable and enriched with ESLs, asset tracking, smart digital signage, inventory management, and environment control, all managed from the same software. It is the most advanced full graphics label by its easy integration with other solutions. The Infinite ESLs are more powerful, bright, colorful, and sturdy, to be the most durable while giving an elegant and premium look & feel

Available Sizes

1.5", 2.1", 2.6", 2.9", 3.1", 4.2", 5.8", 7.5"