FORZA Series

product image
New Concept Modular POS System with flexible design structure to establish connection between the POS System and the user's environment. With three CPU, four display sizes and four different set up types to choose from, FORZA is suitable for every shop.

FORZA is a modular POS (Point of Sales) system perfect for retail, hospitality, restaurants and etc.

Forza is also capable of being utilized as self-checkout and digital signage.

The structural combination of modular POS system allows for a wide variation of POS line-up that is suitable for various user-environments.

The structural combination is the key-point that allows FORZA to overcome the limitation of previous generations of POS system.

FORZA’s design expresses three concepts; Optimization, Simplicity and Differentiation. We have realized the dramatic image by optimizing complex structures with simple form and concept.

FORZA’s stand, which is the center of modulation of main unit and other modules, symbolizes the

differentiation of the product’s image.

FORZA’s nature of design is to provide the sustainable design that corresponds to the user- environment through the optimized structure that accommodates to the user’s fundamental needs.

Forza is the perfect solution for all and any kind of business.