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Hire faster, retain employees longer with DailyPay’s proven on-demand pay solution. Extensive integrations, customized adoption programs, full- funding model and employee financial transparency resources make DailyPay high impact yet effortless by design.

Hire faster and retain employees longer with DailyPay, the most proven on-demand pay solution that empowers your employees to access their money as they earn it. DailyPay works with minimal disruptions to your existing processes and cash flow. Unlike the deduction model, DailyPay’s full-funding model does not require new payroll processes or staffing changes, eliminating complexity for both your teams and your employees. DailyPay is system-agnostic and offers over 180 integrations, helping your on-demand pay solution integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and reducing the burden of manual data exchange. DailyPay leads the industry with its employee enrollment rates: high-touch client services, custom launch programs, and 24/7 bilingual employee support ensure success from launch onward. And, unlike others, DailyPay empowers employees with access to up to 100% of their net pay to ensure financial resources are available when employees need them most.