Customer MDM

Great customer relationships start with great data

Customers today demand exceptional, personalized experiences that are consistent regardless of the channel they use. Winning their trust and loyalty requires accurate, high-quality data about who they are, what they want and how and where they want it.

Stibo Systems Customer MDM provides a foundation for profitable and compliant relationships by enabling the creation of a 360° view of your customers with a single point of control and governance.  Consolidate customer data from multiple touchpoints and centralize it across the enterprise through merging and deduplication to get a consistent and trusted view of your customers, which in turn allows you to provide outstanding customer experience and service.

Stibo Systems Customer Master Data Management (Customer MDM) consolidates, cleanses, enhances and governs customer data, enabling you to gain a better understanding of your customers and ensures consistent and complete customer information is reused throughout the enterprise. It gives retailers deeper insights into consumers’ history and preferences, while providing B2B companies a consolidated view of both their direct and indirect customers, accounts, contacts and distribution channels.