Customer Accessibility ala McDonalds & Marriott

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See technology demo of latest in accessibility using Storm-Interface assistive tech (AudioPad as used in McDonalds, Marriott and Southwest Airlines). Included is a Vispero screen reader demonstration

Storm-Interface assistive technology AudioPad

You can see the AudioPad as installed on the new Amtrak ticketing machines that are rolling out (200 of them), At the airport you can see them on the Southwest Airlines passenger check-in kiosks

Vispero JAWS Screenreader inclusive as used in new McDonalds kiosks and many others

“McDonald’s prides itself on fostering an inclusive restaurant experience for all,” said Kelsey Hall, Senior Manager of Global Digital Accessibility at McDonald’s. “This inclusive kiosk solution ensures blind and low vision customers can independently order their McDonald’s favorites for themselves, their families, and their friends.” --   Article link

About the Kiosk

The Austin Freestanding Kiosk was designed with a slight tilt forward to welcome your incoming customers. The result is a sleek design that’s in step with today’s most popular electronics. Because there are minimal points where dirt and germs can build up, The Austin was made to look clean and stay clean, making it a great choice for food service and healthcare environments. You can even detach the four anti-theft screws and relocate the kiosk within your facility at will.

Here is freestanding Austin Kiosk

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