CoreMedia Content Cloud

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CoreMedia Content Cloud is a composable DXP that enables leading brands and retailers to orchestrate personalized experiences that blend content and eCommerce, then deliver them to any digital channel – reliably, efficiently, and at enterprise scale.
CoreMedia Content Cloud consists of the following components: 
  • Hybrid Headless Content Management Module:
    • Multiexperience Content Repository
    • Workflow & Collaboration
    • Digital Asset Management Tools
  • CoreMedia Studio User Interface: Experience Orchestration and Previews
  • Content Delivery Module:
    • Traditional Delivery Server
    • Content-as-a-Server (CaaS) Headless Delivery Server
  • Personalization & Optiization Hub
  • Commerce Hub Integrations:
    • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector
    • Salesforce B2B Commerce Connector
    • SAP Commerce Cloud Connector
    • HCL Commerce Connector
    • Elastic Path Connector
    • commercetools Connector
  • Content Hub
  • Marketing Automation Hub
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector
  • Experience Feedback Hub 
    • Multiple connectors to conent quality and analysis tools including Searchmetrics, Acrolinx, and Siteimprove 
  • Social Media Hub
    • CoreMedia Elastic Social module