Brand Collaboration

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ciValue helps you share the insights that power better sales performance.

ciValue is the brand collaboration SaaS platform disrupting existing data & media monetisation model by enabling retailers to remain in control of their revenue.

Ultimately, this also enables quick time to value as we can be up and running in just 8 weeks. Our model focuses on the amount of users we serve and is built for scale.

Engineered to address the marketing needs of brands and retailers, the solution delivers unique mechanisms for brands users to go from insights to action, in a fully self-served manner.

From hyper targeted and predictive audience building, to offer nominations for personalization, the brands who use ciValue can initiate processes that simplify and automate the way they collaborate with retailers on joint personalized offers and ads. To close the loop, the platform includes offers and events performance reports to understand impact on category share, sales performance, and more...


In addition, our solution delivers best of breed technology for personalization at scale, customizable to fit your specific requirements.