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Banknote sorter BCS-160

The BCS-160 model is an non-stop 1+1 pocket banknote discriminator and sorter that is cost effective, reliable, and heavy duty. It is equipped with double CIS, the latest counterfeit detection technology.
Product detail: 


So compact it can be placed on a small table.

TFT Screen

It has an easy to read 3.5 inch TFT screen.

Multicurrency Capability

One machine can be installed with 20 different currencies.

Reliable Counterfeit Detection

It can detect notes by UV, MG, MT, IR, CIS and by serial number.

Serial Number Read and Print

It can read the serial number from both sides, output and print.

Software Updates

For new currency you can download updates through a USB memory stick or PC interface.

Banknote Info Collection

It can collect banknote, UV, MG and IR information through a USB or LAN port. RIBAO engineers can then use that information for software development.

Easy Jam Removal and Sensor Cleaning

There is a easy to open passage on the rear side in order to clear out jammed notes and clean the sensors.

Dust Proof Cover

There is a dust proof cover to help limit the user’s exposure to dust.