ARC (Asset Recharge Center)

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ARC™ is a centralized device management kiosk and software system that solves the challenges of managing employee devices. The fully-automated solution will store, secure and charge the devices you rely on most.
ARC’s intelligent software and fully-automated user interface streamlines operations so your organization can focus on what matters. The self-service kiosk allows employees and managers to check devices in and out using a unique identification number/QR code with no need for administrative oversight. ARC helps organizations reduce: shrink, loss of productivity, cyber security threats, and wasted payroll time. The system will automatically remove faulty devices out of circulation so they can be swapped for functioning ones.  From a recent client case study, ARC has helped the client achieve: a 99% reduction in device shrink, 97% reduction in time spent on device oversight, an 82% reduction in time spent on employees picking up and returning devices, and a 67% reduction in device swap out time. The fully customizable reporting is tailored to client’s preferred KPIs allowing managers to monitor device trends and overdue assets effortlessly.