In-App Stories

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Create full-screen Stories in your own app to maximize user engagement and retention with Storyly.

Storyly provides mobile apps with a lightweight and easy-to-integrate SDK, a creator studio with advanced capabilities, and an analytics dashboard to keep track of in-app Stories' performances.


Mobile apps from various industries can benefit from Storyly Stories to;


- Activate new users with a flawless onboarding flow

- Actively engage with your users through a full-screen and familiar content experience

- Drive retention through personalized experiences

- Grow app stickiness by creating a habit with gamified Stories

- Publish short-form in-app video content at no media cost

- Gather zero-party data for building contextual audiences through interactive stickers

- Deliver the relevant messages to the right people with advanced segmentation and targeting

- Drive greater sales conversions with shoppable Stories

- Repurpose your existing content with social media import

- Grow app revenue by monetizing your Stories


Key Features


Interactive Stickers

Swipe-ups, CTA Buttons, and Product Tags


Content Automation

Image and Video Content

Social Share & Social Import