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Turn Your Business Data Into Business Insight

Retailers are making data-driven decisions now more than ever. Today, customers are shopping in-store, online, through mobile apps and via social media. To stay ahead of multi-platform purchase behaviors and trends, successful omnichannel retailers are turning to their business analytics. After all, guesswork will likely get them nowhere.

Think of Jesta’s Analytics Solution as your very own retail intelligence agency. Driven by Snowflake and Tableau, the wholly integrated tool collects and analyzes immense volumes of transactional and customer information from your multiplatform environments, then consolidates it into a holistic view of your global enterprise. Jesta’s analytics warehouse extracts nitty gritty, real-time data from multiple sources within its Vision Suite: Planning, Warehouse Management, Merchandising, Order Management, Point of Sale and more.

The dashboards, reports and notifications are easy to use out of the box; alternatively you can build and customize your own. Your entire retail team will benefit from desktop and mobile functionality to adjust sales and marketing strategies as well as product road maps based on up-to-the-second store performance. Armed with this info, you’ll be able to make fully-informed decisions about actionable and repeatable processes to develop tailored buying experiences.