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Amplify - Digital Asset Management Software

Amplify DAM software allows businesses to produce, manage, and distribute product images.

Increase production and quality with online management, editing, and QA.

Manage, search, and share digital assets.

Automate sending and formatting images and metadata.
Product detail: 

Increase Sales and Reduce Returns with Digital Asset Management Software for Your Product Images

Amplify is the only DAM software made exclusively to help you produce, manage and distribute your product images.

Amplify is used by some of the world’s leading businesses including Philips, Tenneco, Dana, Delphi, Hafele, Continental, and FRAM.

Over 50% of people believe that product images are more important than product descriptions when it comes to deciding whether to buy

This means that low quality, missing or outdated product images lose your company sales every day

  • Product photography workflows are complex and time-consuming lowering production rates and producing low quality, inconsistent images.
  • Managing and sharing product images and other digital assets without a single, centralized system is inefficient and costly.
  • Distributing product images to resellers, websites, and ecommerce marketplaces is manual and error-prone.

Your Product Images Everywhere You Need Them with Amplify’s Digital Asset Management Software

Produce top-quality product images, 300% faster

With Amplify’s photography workflow software, you will produce consistent, high-quality images 300% faster. Photography and image editing workflows eliminate repetitive and error-prone tasks.

Product images flow through multiple quality control steps using Amplify’s online management software ensuring standards for consistency and quality are met before images are sent to your marketplaces.

Efficiently collaborate and share your photography projects with others

Amplify’s online image management software provides your stakeholders visibility, insight, and control into all aspect of your image production projects.

With Amplify’s online project portal, your users can setup up and manage complex product photography projects from start to finish including photography workflows, project management, image editing and quality control.

Easy, Centralized Access to All Your Digital Assets 24/7

Amplify centralizes your digital assets eliminating cost, inconvenience, and confusion caused by multiple storage locations reducing image management costs.

Create and organize digital asset libraries according to your business needs. Powerful search, metadata management, reporting, and sharing functionality makes digital asset management simple and effective.

Reduce time-to-market for your product images by 80%

Amplify automates the complex task of formatting, renaming, and sending product images to resellers reducing time-to-market 80% and generating sales faster.

Amplify’s digital asset management solves one of the biggest problems businesses have – distributing product images and related data to all resellers that need them, when they need them, and formatted the way they need them.

Amplify Distributes Your Product Images into Your Sales Channels 200% Faster

“Amplify image management software is absolutely first class. After just over a year, we can honestly say that we cannot do without it. It helped wrap much-needed structure around our photography and image creation process. Our images now flow efficiently from production, to our website and catalog system, to our sales partners. The time saved and the impact on our business has been incredible.”

Perry Friedman, Director, Cataloging / Digital Content, Interamerican Motor Corporation

“Amplify has been a great tool for Resource/Ammirati. There is no way I could have accomplished what I did over the past several years without it. Amplify digital asset management software has made me extremely productive and it has allowed us to provide excellent service to our client. We believe that we can use Amplify to provide even more services to current and future clients.”

Kate Ersly, Senior Manager, Omni-Channel, Resource/Ammirati

Amplify’s Digital Asset and Image Management software customers increase sales and lower costs.