011186 SIP Outdoor Intercom

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The SIP Outdoor Intercom delivers two-way communication and secure access control for your VoIP phone system.
These devices are perfect for settings such as commercial/residential facilities, schools and universities, retail establishments, warehouse and manufacturing plants, SMB, parking garages, shipyards and so much more. 

Safeguarding employees and staff is critical in every environment.

The 011186 SIP Outdoor Intercom empowers safety and security and ensures seamless communication and ironclad access control across diverse environments such as educational institutions, SMB, warehouse and industrial complexes, and beyond.

Compatibility with the vast majority of on-prem and cloud-based VoIP systems provides an added level of efficiency and flexibility that organizations require for modern needs.

For over 15 years, the 011186 SIP Outdoor Intercom has been one of CyberData's most popular and best-selling devices, captivating countless users with its unwavering excellence and flawless field performance, making it the gold standard of reliability and a customer favorite.