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Axsium Group

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For over 15 years, Axsium Group has helped retailers around the world improve their operational performance by maximizing the productivity of their people.  In addition to our world-class consulting services, our labor model management software, Opus, helps our retail clients build, manage, and maintain labor standards with pre-built integrations to the industry’s leading workforce management solutions. Make your labor model more accurate, agile, deployable, and sustainable with Opus.

Claris Solutions

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Claris Solutions is a consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients with Labor Standards and Efficiency.  That includes Store Selling, Non Selling, and Fulfillment.  We have over 20 years experience helping top retail, and brand companies implement operational improvements resulting in real savings and better results.  Our approach to Engineered Labor Standards is a very successful multi-point project designed to provide real operational and financial results.

Columbus Consulting

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Columbus has grown to become the largest retail niche consulting practice in the industry. Our practice continually evolves but our focus has remained consistent over the years.  We are Inventory Optimization experts.  Anything that manages the inventory throughout the business including people, process, and technology is within our core skillset.  While we are adept at virtually all aspects of retail operations, our core strengths lie in the following:


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Crew is a mobile-first communications and scheduling solution that helps companies managing large, distributed teams of hourly workers drive business results like improved staffing, increased sales, and reduced employee turnover. Crew’s simple and secure frontline success platform gives teams the information, motivation, and support they need to do exceptional work.

Logile, Inc.

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Logile, Inc. is the premier retail store operations solution provider, forging industry-leading technology innovation and best-practice expertise for in-store planning, execution and workforce management. We live WFM and store ops, but we exist for our customers' success.

Nextenture, Inc

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Nextenture elevates labor performance for dozens of leading global retail brands. We deliver faster solution deployments, improve operational processes, and drive greater customer experiences through building in-store micotools for store managers. Our suite of solutions and services include the following:


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SISQUAL® WFM is an intelligent software solution that gives companies throughout the world the ability to forecast, plan and manage their workforce.
More than 75 thousand managers, across the world, reduce labour costs and increase team members productivity with SISQUAL® WFM and more than 1 million team members benefit from working with the best schedule they can have.


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Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications. Founded in 2005, Workday combines HR, payroll, finance, planning, and analytics in a single cloud-based, global, mobile-ready system to help retailers focus resources on driving growth and profitability. Workday can help retailers increase operational efficiency across channels, transform for new business models, attract and retain top talent to increase customer lifetime value, and avoid compliance risks and costly penaltis to protect consumer trust.