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Virtual Reality

3D Retail

Booth # 4981


 3D Retail Imaging by Virtual Tour Group Inc.

3D Retail provides 3D scanning of your store locations across USA/Canada/Europe for multiple uses.  A 3D virtual tour of your store with the ability for you to walkthrough as if you are physically there.  Use it as a platform to plan, review and archive your stores digitally.

Eazyhomez Designs and Decors Private Limited (STYLDOD)

Booth # 210


Styldod is your interior design BFF. Everyone deserves a designer home, its where our life takes place. But only 7% of homeowners who renovate hire interior designers! We are here to change that forever. All you need to do is to type in your home address, tell us about your design dilemma and style preferences. We will likely have pre-made designs to help you get started instantly. If not, just take a few photos of your room and share it with dimensions. All designs have your most trusted brands, come with a price tag and are easily shoppable.

HP Inc.

Booth # 4255


As the world's largest technology company, HP creates new possibilities that help you enable a more seamless shopping experience for your customers. HP brings together a portfolio that spans mobility, printing, hardware, software, services, and IT infrastructure that enable you to empower your employees and better serve your customers. HP is a member of The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS).