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Adlucent is the performance marketing agency that proves outperformance has no limit. Powered by our purpose-built platform, Deep SearchTM, Adlucent unifies the best of human and machine for a scienti ...

Adverity Inc

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Adverity is an intelligent data and analytics platform that enables businesses to make insights-driven decisions, faster and easier. Used by marketing, sales and ecommerce teams around the wor ...


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<span font-size:="" segoe="" style="font-family: TwitterChirp, -apple-system, " white-space:="">Big Mantic is Aretove's advanced AI based predictive analytics and forecasting platform for eCommerce and Retail industries.</span>

BOSCO™ Powered by Modo25

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Make better, data-driven digital marketing decisions.  Make more efficient marketing spend decisions with our intelligent data and analytics software. All your digital marketing data in one plac ...


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Buyist is a high-performance eCommerce platform, built for marketers and brands.


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Caast is the Live Video Shopping solution enabling e-retailers and marketplaces to humanize their online customer journey.  What you can expect using Caast Live Commerce : • 250% increase in con ...

ciValue Systems

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ciValue helps retailers accelerate growth with the ultimate SaaS solution to seize media and data monetization opportunities. Already globally serving retailers from Food, Drug & Specialty verticals, ...


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Our mission is simple; we partner with the best, design with a purpose, engineer for a sustainable future and always strive for perfection. We have a passion for solving business problems through data ...


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Digibee connects enterprise apps and internet services 10x faster using its low code, cloud-native platform, and unique, user-friendly business model. Digibee Hybrid Integration Platform built directl ...


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EcoCart is the category-leading ecommerce sustainability platform that enables online brands and retailers to calculate the carbon footprint of each of their individual orders and then leverage those ...


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<p>The ultimate tool to make your website on in store digital tools available to people with disabilities (visual, motor, cognitive). UX.</p>


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Showcase Your Amazing Products. Drive Amazing Results.  Finally, a selling experience optimization tool to boost online sales.  We believe in a world where getting your business online is fast a ...


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ITinSell is a future proof e-Logistics SaaS solution offering a customer centric delivery experience, whilst simplifying the management of shipments for retailers. Our philosophy: to enable operati ...


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With an ever-changing industry landscape, retailers need to make informed advertising decisions supported by real-time business intelligence.  This is where Koddi steps in. Koddi is a l ...

Limelight Networks

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Limelight is an industry leader in providing edge-enabled solutions to deliver fast, secure digital experiences on a global scale.  We offer powerful tools that optimize, protect and deliver our c ...


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Bring Performance to Brand Advertising NewProgrammatic is a next-generation performance advertising platform that helps brands connect with their customers during the search. Our solutions shorten ...


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Pipl is an identity trust company that makes sure no one pretends to be you. We do this by understanding the deep connections between the data elements that make up an identity and looking at the ...


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PlayerLync is a mobile workforce enablement platform that helps companies like Starbucks, Chipotle, and Southern Company Gas to ensure that every frontline employee has the personalized and ti ...


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Founded in January 2020 by ex-Paypal employees, Primer is the world’s FIRST open automation platform for payments, enabling merchants to build end-to-end payment flow with clicks, not code.With a comp ...


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ProductWind is an Influencer-as-a-Service marketing platform that helps brands with the cold-start problem on marketplaces such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Shopify, etc. We launch influencer marketing ...


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Quartile optimizes e-commerce ad campaign performance to drive more sales for marketplace sellers. Powered by robust analytics, AI, and machine learning, Quartile is a new type of advertising platform ...


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RelevanC was created in 2017 as the Digital factory of Casino Group. We are structured in three operating areas : services, platforms, data & development. We have built a strong expertise in retail op ...


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Retisio is the next-generation of commerce.  The best-in-class commerce platform built upon the Reactive Manifesto resulting in cost effective responsiveness, resilience, and elasticity.  


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Rightpoint, a Genpact company is a global experience leader. Over 700 employees across 12 offices work with clients end-to-end, from defining and enabling vision, to ensuring ongoing market relevance. ...


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SellersFunding is a global financial technology company on a mission to empower growth for ecommerce sellers by providing the most comprehensive suite of financial solutions. In today’s digital wor ...


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Build brand loyalty with a cooperate social responsibility program at checkout for a positive triple-bottom line - People, Planet, and Profit. The Sparo Corporation was founded in 2014 to tap into ...


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Stylitics is the leading visual outfitting and styling solution for the world’s top retailers and brands. Stylitics uses a powerful combination of algorithms, trend data, and stylist expertise ...


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Syte is the world’s first Product Discovery Platform for retail. We use visual AI to create intuitive search and discovery experiences for all types of shoppers.Our solutions include visual and text s ...


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TwicPics helps retailers deliver the best visual experience to their users on the Web — pixel perfect, lightning fast and personalized. TwicPics is a SaaS/IaaS to smartly automate media processing. ...


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Webscale is the world’s only cloud platform for the successful delivery of modern commerce applications. Offering enterprise-grade security, predictive scalability and blazing-fast performance, the We ...