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Connected Solutions Group

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Connected Solutions Group, LLC or “CSG”, delivers a full-range of planning, procurement, deployment, support, and management services for Verizon Wireless-related hardware. This includes cell phones, smartphones, tablets, routers, hotspots, modems, embedded modules, VOIP systems, and more.  CSG exists to service Verizon Wireless customers by providing unparalleled expertise around Verizon products and assisting in their implementation.

Spencer Technologies

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Encompassing over 45 years of corporate evolution, today's Spencer Technologies is the leading provider of end to end IT life cycle solutions for literally every type of major corporation in the retail market — from specialty stores and department stores to DIY and restaurants.


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RealCADENCE™ is designed to give all levels of management a magnifying glass into operating status from the top down, from corporate to location and everything between.