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Fit and Sizing

Eazyhomez Designs and Decors Private Limited (STYLDOD)

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Styldod is your interior design BFF. Everyone deserves a designer home, its where our life takes place. But only 7% of homeowners who renovate hire interior designers! We are here to change that forever. All you need to do is to type in your home address, tell us about your design dilemma and style preferences. We will likely have pre-made designs to help you get started instantly. If not, just take a few photos of your room and share it with dimensions. All designs have your most trusted brands, come with a price tag and are easily shoppable.

MySize Inc.

Booth # 6172


My Size, Inc. is the developer of a unique sensor-based measurement technology and the owner of several patented algorithms that capture and calculate measurements in different ways. The company’s technology is one of a kind in its agility, fitting our algorithm to different markets and verticals.
My Size released several measurement apps, all created to help different industries maximize their work processes and increase customer loyalty & sales.

True Fit

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True Fit is a data-driven personalization platform for footwear and apparel retailers that decodes personal style, fit, and size for every consumer, every shoe, and every piece of clothing.


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Xesto is a computer vision AI research startup based at the University of Toronto that focuses on accurate remote sizing tools. Using Xesto, consumers and companies can create accurate 3D models of hands, feet and bodies using a few FaceID cameras (and no reference object) that can be used for sizing and item fit and style recommendations.