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Vekia / The enhanced forecasting and replenishment

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Vekia is a Saas solution specialised n stock managelet an dreplenishment.

It’s the Artificial Intelligence developped by Vekia’s team that gives to your supply chain all the accuracy that it needs.

We gather, collect and clean our data to make it perfectly relevant for your forecast. It’s the data quality e hare that make the success of our customer relation. 

Vekia is an economic solution : it optimises your profitability and avoids overstocking.

Vekia is an ecologic solution : it reduces your carbon footprint et avoids waste.

Vekia is an ergonomic solution : it improves your working conditions and fits perfectly into your supply chain

  • Partners / Results

Leroy Merlin

Stocks down 8% / Stock shortage down 50%

Engie homeservices

Stocks down 10% / Emergency delevery down 42% / Automated orders up 40%

  • Recent Announcement

Raised 14 M€ to accelerate international development and keep our leader position in AI

Former Vice President Amazon Logistics Europe enter the board of Vekia.