Digital Menu Board – How Much They Cost and What About Installation?

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Digital menu boards are taking the restaurant world by storm, and for good reason. In the digital age, companies are striving to reach out to their customer base with digital content and provide better service. And it’s not just restaurant owners who want more digital signage, customers prefer it too. 74% of customers in restaurants say that an effective menu display is their top priority. If you’ve seen the steady increase in restaurants upgrading their menus and want in on the excitement, but have some reservations about cost of digital menu boards, this blog post is here to address your concerns.

Digital Menu Boards: What are they and what’s the deal with the cost?

Digital Menu Board

Restaurants use both outdoor and indoor digital menu boards to display menu items to customers. But the advantages of digital menu boards are so much more extensive than simply displaying menu items. They can be a tool to enhance your restaurant menu by implementing marketing strategies and targeted messaging, providing a dynamic and positive experience for customers, displaying various types of digital media, and more.

But even with all the documented benefits of digital menu boards in restaurants, you might still feel unfamiliar with the technology and have doubts about whether the investment will be worth it. You probably have questions like, will you eventually experience buyer’s remorse? Our answer is a firm no. Keep reading for the full breakdown of the true bottomline cost of digital menu boards. You get what you pay for Pricing for digital menu boards is the way it is for a good reason. You’re not just paying for a new menu, you’re paying for all the long-term benefits, dynamic features, and support from Keyser.