Bold Metrics reveals next generation Smart Inventory™ functionality to its Virtual Dressing Room solution

SAN FRANCISCONov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bold Metrics, the world's leading AI-powered size recommendation technology, has revealed the next generation of their Smart Size Chart. Building on its popular virtual try-on experience, the updated Smart Size Chart now includes inventory data to show online shoppers which sizes are out-of-stock while simultaneously giving size options based on real-time stock availability. The new Smart Size Chart features an updated modern look with customizable elements to deliver a complete on-brand experience for shoppers.

"The real-time inventory feature increases the capabilities of our core product to create a powerful solution for apparel brands as they go into the holidays and face uncertain supply chain issues. Along with slashing return rates with our accurate sizing solutions, making size charts obsolete and eliminating guesswork, our updated Smart Size Chart also creates a seamless experience for brands of all sizes to scale their business efficiently by leveraging real-time inventory data to generate actionable insights."

—Jeff Mergy, VP of Product at Bold Metrics

Beyond providing a powerfully accurate sizing experience based on actual customer body data, the new Smart Size Chart includes out-of-stock data, while simultaneously giving fit options based on the next best available sizes. By taking into consideration individual fit and style preferences, layered with specific garment and style data, the Smart Size Chart has already been delivering significant return rate reductions of 32% or more due to its accuracy, ease-of-use and fast results. Now, by integrating inventory data into the platform, the Smart Size Chart enables a seamless retail experience for shoppers, with enhanced accuracy between product availability and size recommendations on the product display page.

"Uncertain about the continued impact of Covid-19, many retailers were cautious in their decisions, buying slightly deeper into fewer choices. However, supply chain issues provided a new layer of complexity, meaning retailers received less inventory than they had ordered of those fewer choices. The result: frustrated retailers and consumers — and fewer sales."

Supply chain disruption: Fashion's Christmas Concern, Vogue Business, 13 September 2021

Apparel brands looking to supercharge their online shopping experience can harness Bold Metrics' updated Smart Size Chart to give customers a winning eCommerce experience around fit and sizing. At the same time, brands are also able to automate the size suggestion process when items are out-of-stock, to both manage inventory and customer expectations efficiently while showing how sizes that are currently in stock will fit the customer. With this, Bold Metrics has created an elegant and powerful AI sizing solution for brands that smoothly aligns with the product display page to address customer needs at scale.

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