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Expo Information for NRF 2021

NRF’s 2021 Big Show
Dates: Sunday-Tuesday, January 17-19, 2021
Location: Javits Center in New York City

2021 Floorplan & Exhibit Contract 
(check back later for details)

Priority Points
The NRF will use the priority point system (exhibit seniority) to conduct on-site space selection during NRF Big Show 2020 for 2021. These priority points will be totaled and will determine space selection appointments.

The higher the points—the earlier the appointment—the best chance of being assigned a preferred booth location.

Points will be calculated using the five (5) most recent NRF Big Shows (2016-2020) and will include all confirmed booths and sponsorship orders as of November 11, 2019 for Big Show 2020. Priority point confirmations and space selection appointment times will be emailed prior to NRF 2020 in December 2019.

Priority Points are accumulated by:

  • BOOTH SIZE: 5 points are earned for each 10’ x 10’ (100 square feet) booth space rented at NRF 2020.
  • MEMBERSHIP: 5 points are earned for good member status at the time of NRF 2020.
  • SPONSORSHIPS: 1 point is earned for every $5,000 spent on NRF 2020 sponsorships.
  • HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: Points are earned based on final number of rooms booked through MCI USA and utilized at one official NRF hotel. 3 points are earned for those companies with a minimum of 25 hotel rooms, 2 points for 15-24 rooms and 1 point for 5-14 rooms.
    NOTE: Points will be granted based on actualized rooms and will be audited post Big Show 2020. Cancelled rooms and no-shows will not be counted toward your point total. Because 2021 space selection will have already happened when we complete our audit, points will be applied to 2022 Big Show space selection. Rooms booked directly with a hotel, even those in our housing block, do not count.

Mergers / Splits/ Partners
When companies are acquired, merged or consolidated, NRF will use the point total from the company with the greatest number of priority points (points will not be combined). If the two merging companies have both purchased a booth and/or sponsorships for an upcoming show, the remaining company will receive the points for the spend of BOTH companies for that show only. All previous points for the company that no longer exists will be deleted.

When a company splits, it is the responsibility of the companies to determine how they want the total points split between each company. NRF Exhibit Operations Department must be notified of any mergers or splits no later than November 18, 2019.

Partner and complimentary booths will not earn priority points.

Company Name Change
If a company name changes since its most recent participation, please notify the NRF Exhibit Operations Department to update your record accordingly.

If an exhibitor fails to comply with the rules and regulations, the exhibitor may be penalized, to include loss of points. Below is a list of point deductions each worth 5 points and points will double if more than two warnings are given to a company:

  • Using attendee mailing list inappropriately
  • Early tear-down or dismantling of booth
  • Unauthorized sublet of exhibit space
  • Company violating booth guidelines (to include hanging signs and sound levels)
  • Soliciting outside the confines of assigned booth space
  • Misuse of exhibitor badges
  • Holding a meeting/social event that conflicts with the NRF Big Show program or Expo hours
  • Invoices not paid on time as specified in payment schedule

If a company fails to exhibit in any given year, the company will lose 50% of their accumulated points.

If a company is considered a no-show, all points accumulated are erased.

NOTE: The point system may be updated on a yearly basis at NRF’s discretion.