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Retano Solutions LTD
Retano Solutions LTD
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Retano is a retail-tech vendor of ML-AI data-driven solutions for end-to-end process management. Their efficiency is proven by over 200 successful implementations with local market leaders in both Europe and Asia. 

Retano assists retailers in achieving the right balance between product availability and inventory levels, increasing sales, and optimizing return on investment across inventory, store space, and workforce.

Retano Digital Ecosystem includes the following solutions:

  • ERP: Merchandise Management System for retailers of all sizes and formats.
  • SCM: Demand forecasting and automatic replenishment solution based on ML/AI models.
  • Shelfspace: High-quality visual merchandising metrics and efficient planogram management solution.
  • Loyalty&CRM: CRM system powered by ML/AI & Big Data for personalized offers and customer retention.
  • E-Commerce: Efficient, scalable omnichannel platform for seamless order fulfillment with modules for Online Store, OMS, WMS, and TMS.


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Retano ERP

Specialized retail management automation solution, designed for Grocery, FMCG, Drogerie, DIY, and Household retailers of all sizes. Retano ERP significantly cuts down the time spent on routine tasks, freeing up more time for strategic business goals.
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Retano SCM

AI/ML-powered demand forecasting and replenishment solution for swift supply chain enhancement. It improves product availability, reduces waste, optimizes inventory management, and streamlines labor-intensive order operations.
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Retano Shelfspace

Retail space management solution, that optimizes product display using system-calculated visual rules, boosting planogram quality and communication efficiency between stores and headquarters.
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Retano Loyalty&CRM

Retano Loyalty&CRM is a marketing tool designed to assist retailers in finding an effective personalized way to communicate with customers. The solution allows retailers to implement rewards programs of any complexity and scope.