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Prodco Analytics Inc.


Prodco Analytics Inc.
Booth # 4845
Montreal, QC

Full Insights into Shopper Analytics

Prodco Retail Analytics delivers a comprehensive analysis platform that highlights where opportunities for improvement exist and helps your stores reach their real performance potential. Our retail performance solution delivers a deeper understanding of shopper behavior with real-time analytics for all levels of the operations and marketing team.

Established in 1995, Prodco has become a global leader in retail shopper behavior analytics. We partner with leading retail organizations to help measure in-store opportunities, align sales staff to optimize service levels, and benchmark their performance against segment specific consumer traffic trends.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, with offices in Toronto, ON, Virginia, USA and London, UK, as well as local certified solution partners in 42 countries.


WI-15 Wi-Fi Node

Wi-Fi nodes that passively track customer journeys throughout the store by anonymously detecting the "pings" given off by mobile phones. These pings include the phone's anonymous device ID, signal strength, and other non‐personal identifiable information.