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Kepler Analytics is the go-to analytics platform for the world’s leading retailers. Leveraging our pioneering traffic sensor, camera technology and analytics platform, retailers gain access to near-real-time customer traffic data to increase sales conversion and unlock the high-performing potential of their teams. Kepler’s revolutionary Smart Sensor measures the radio frequency density of smartphones without identifying the phone or its owner. This allows retailers to unlock in-store insights that they have never had in their brick-and-mortar stores, such as Passer-by Traffic, Shopfront Conversion, Dwell Time, Bounce Rate, and even Fitting Room Conversion. Kepler also provides leading 3D camera technology solutions. 

Kepler is the trusted solution for more than 20,000+ locations across 45+ countries. 

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Store Operations Toolkits

The Kepler Store Operations Toolkits comprise of four modules bundled to focus on crucial aspects of daily retail operations.

Retail People Counter

Our traffic sensor collects business-grade intelligence on customer behavior and sales-driving factors. Our innovative technology allows you to discover actionable insights on foot traffic, conversion rates, and more.

Exterior Traffic

Understand the total traffic opportunity of your stores and how they convert shoppers into customers when compared to your surrounding competitors and stores.

Active Shoppers

Understand how much of your traffic is actively shopping and in which zones/areas/departments they visit.

Fitting Rooms

Are store associates driving enough fitting room usage?