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We discover, design and build experiences that help businesses evolve in a world of digital transformation.Navsoft collaborates with the world’s leading technology platforms to address tomorrow’s challenges, today. We enable our clients to reach their full potential by creating meaningful products, digital assets and deeper customer relationships.

We are trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies across 33 countries for delivering rapid growth and lasting value, over the past two  decades.

It takes more than great ideas to make greater impact.
At Navsoft, we are focussed on making a difference to the way enterprises work, connect and deliver results using cutting-edge technology. Our products, solutions and services have been proven to optimise efficiency and profitability for our clients.
Technology is not just about taking businesses to consumers.
At Navsoft, it’s about making the world more meaningfully connected.

Services include Consulting, Developing, Outsourcing, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Outsourcing Developers in Python, Netsuite, Salesforce.

19+ Years

800+ Clients
33 Countries

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Navsoft: Retail Transformation Through Outsourcing

Navosft: Retail transformation through outsourcing

Digital transformation can bring about game-changing business innovation that transforms the way brands connect with customers through meaningful application of technology. The retail landscape is changing drastically and retailers are digging deeper to cultivate new ways to attract and engage customers digitally.

In the cutthroat retail industry, retailers are looking for ways to step up their game, create better brand value by thinking past the omni-channel presence.

Consumers have become more aware and well informed with rapidly increasing product choices. The various technological advances are adding on to the changing trend of customers and their buying pattern.

Online marketplaces have come into play and transcending geographic proximity. This has dramatically increased the market demand for the particular product offering.  Retailers are optimizing their inventories to meet on-demand fulfillment.

With the retail industry being the most affected with digital transformation retailers are trying myriad ways to bridge the digital and physical shopping experience and meet new shopper expectations.

Embarking on a digital transformation journey is however not easy. Retailers face a plethora of technical issues like integrating applications using right APIs, retiring legacy applications, consolidating databases and backend data integration.

Hiring the right resources can help businesses to pursue new business models with efficient application of technologies for seamless retail transformation.

Navsoft’s experienced team of professionals curates a digitally focused infrastructure for retailers that make it easy for retailers to meet the rapidly evolving expectations of customers. Our smart predictive analysis by veterans in the field coupled with smart marketing tools provides better insight into customer’s buying patterns, habits, journey and preferences. This plays a pivotal role in formulating the transformation strategy. Our agile team coupled with innovative technology ensures transformation that will keep you at par with competitors with rapid access to market information.

As a retailer, you need to understand where you stand in the digital transformation spectrum based on which you can pick the right resources. Digital transformation is imperative. It’s a wakeup call for all retailers- falling a little behind can make you lag behind your competitors or even disappear in the future.


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Scale up your business with Boost My Sale Enterprise, our Ready-to-launch e-commerce suite that’s secured, flexible and efficient. Sell on leading marketplaces such as ebay, Amazon effortlessly, including social commerce outlets such as Facebook store.
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The Fully Integrated & Complete Multi-Channel 

BoostMySale, the top B2B/B2C ecommerce solution provider optimizes order orchestration through a centralized inventory, and order processing activities to support omni-channel fulfillment. It helps enterprises increase delivery success rates and inventory turns, reduce markdowns, Our comprehensive B2B/B2C ecommerce solution improves customer loyalty and increases profitability.

With the BoostMySale's flexible inventory allocation workflow, merchants can prevent overselling and underselling by getting real-time inventory information. Determine at what point in the order processing cycle inventory is firmly committed to a customer.

BoostMySale B2B Enterprise Platform uses an open architecture which makes building unique customizations and integrations easy. The platform is wrapped with a full set of APIs that allow external applications to interface with the platform’s core commerce functionality.

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Clinical Laboratory Management System

Navsoft has designed an integrated laboratory management system to enhance the medical lab experience for both patients and doctors, by minimizing the time consumed, manual labor and occurrence of human error.
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Lab Appointment Management: Lab Operators can easily book appointments of the patients and check their preferred date & time for the medical test. Appointmnet Scheduling, Book New Appointments, Color Coded View, Cancel/Reschedule Appointment

Patient Management: New Patient Registration, Create Order, Generate Invoice, Access Patient Database

Lab Operations Management: Manage Multiple Clinnics, Download Sales Invoices, Manage Offers and Discounts, Lab Wiki Resources

Reports Management: Customizable Report Templates, Clinical Report Generation, Clinical Report Verification, Clinical Report Approval

Billing & Revenue Management: Record the billing of each medical examination ordered, generate invoice and maintain the financial stats of your business. Generate Bills, Capture Payments, Generate Invoices, Manage Revenue

Manage Reports: Customized Report Template, Clinical Report Generation, Clinical Report Verifications, Clinical Report Approval

Setting & Configurations: A complete and integrated laboratory management system for the hospitals and diagnostic centers where the bsuiness owner can minimize the opertaional time, improve productivity and reduce human errors significantly. Admin Dashboard, System Security, Access Controls, User Groups & Permissions, SMS & Email Notifications

Lab Operation Management: Manage Multiple Clinics, Download Sale Invoices, Manage Offers and Discuonts, Lab Wiki Resources, Set Up Clinical Examinations, Manage Lab Operators, Assign Lab Exams to Staffs, Effortless Integration

System Compliances: Our Clinical Laboratory Mangement System is HIPAA & AAPC compliant for storing Electronic medical records (EMR) and ensure following security measurements.  App Security, Risk Mitigation Plan, Disaster Recover Plan, User Authentication

Grocery and Online Delivery Application

Virtual Supermarket, Anywhere Anytime: Navsoft's "Grocery and Last Mile Delivery App" is an end-to-end solution that comprises of web-store, mobile store (iOS & Android), last mile delivery app and other back-end features
Product detail: 

We are pleased to introduce you to our Award Winning and fully integrated “Grocery & Last Mile Delivery Application” that changes the trend of online shoppers as it can do most of the thinking, processing and management for you.

It is an end-to-end solution that comprises of web-store, mobile store (iOS & Android), last mile delivery app and other back-end features. Some of its key features are:-

Advanced Multi-Lingual Smart Search: Buyers can search the items in English or local languages and the system will auto-complete the phrase

Real Time Geo Tracking Deliveries: GPS Based reak-time tracking of the delivery boys when they are on the way of delivering the orders to the customers' door.

Delivery Schedule Planner: Automatic planning of delivery schedule according to the order locations and order date & time.

Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment: Offer omni-channel order fulfillment with Buy anywhere, Fulfill Aywhere, Return Anywhere experience.

Push Notification for Promotions & Offers: Email & SMS alerts for informing buyers regarding the real-time status of the orders as well as for promotions

Easy Return and Replacement from App: Execute & manage partial or full return from the app in case buyer denies the order ot is unavailable at the time of delivery.

Customized Design: Design your store with customized themes exclusively designed for FMCG that captures the essence of your brand

GRN From Hand Held Devices: Generate goods receive notes using a hand-held device when items are received from the supplier.

Integrate with your ERP/CRM: Integrate with external apps like Tally, QuickBooks for syncing orders, stocks, etc.

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