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Your voice has no limit.

Vivoka is a company specialized in artificial intelligence and speech recognition. Tts expertise is accompanied by a global vision of IoT and the current state of technology in the digital world in order to propose solutions that are relevant to the market and needs.
As a result, it offers the very first artificial intelligence speech recognition solution that can be fully customized according to domains and uses, including e-commerce and smarthome. Vivoka also offers a materialization of its technology called ZAC, a holographic personal assistant that embodies concierge 2.0 to accompany the user on a daily basis, whether at home or not. The latter is intended for luxury hotel customers and high-end real estate developers.

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11 Rempart Saint-Thiebault
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Vivoka's Technology

Vivoka is a specialized company in artificial intelligence and voice recognition.
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Give your customers a tool to easily navigate your e-commerce platform through the voice.

In order to interact with your products and services in an innovative way, our solution takes shape of a voice assistant integrated within your website or mobile application.

The main interest is to help you increase your sales volume while simplifying access to your offer. Our artificial intelligence is able to identify every habits and particularities of your customers. We designed our solution to allow everyone to save time, have a personalized service and live a unique experience.

Revolutionize your customer’s experience.

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