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New York, NY
United States

YOOBIC is an end-to-end solution for delivering the perfect customer experience across every physical location. With YOOBIC, every element of the experience is optimized - from efficient operations, to smooth communication, to effective employee training, enabling businesses to consistently satisfy customers and keep them coming back over and over again.

The YOOBIC platform helps optimize 3 main areas indispensable to providing the best customer experience:

-Operational Excellence: streamline operations and ensure consistency in your store network. 

-Employee Engagement: Engage and communicate with your associates through streamlined and interactive communication channels.

-Continuous Learning: Strengthen and motivate your teams through interactive training, performance incentives and social learning.

Based in New York, London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Sao Paulo with more than 200 employees, YOOBIC is used by 130+ brands & retailers across the world including Kate Spade, Lacoste, Adore Me, Clarins, Kenzo, Puma and Mazda.